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Gov AI

A voice and service design to help people going through the benefits application process.

Product Designer

Tommy Byler, Laura Fulton, Judy Chun, Conlon Novak

8 Months

Sketch, Voiceflow, Adobe Xd, Dialogflow, AWS Developer Cloud, Research Methods


project ask

Design a conversational agent to improve access to state benefits.

project overview

For this project, we are helping a startup design a technology solution to help 1) increase awareness of the benefits application process and 2) mitigate relevant pain points for applying to benefits programs, such as SNAP - the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program. Information retrieval and complex policy is a big part of the puzzle.

my role

I'm the Product Designer for my team. My role consists of both Voice Design + Service Design. I also played an integral part in our research efforts and helped plan out several protocols/user interviews.


More information coming soon! For now, you can read up on our work here!