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Junction Journey

A gamified mobile application that creates a fun environment for children to learn about sustainability and conservation.

UX Designer, Product Strategist

Julia Luo, Andrew Wang

3 Weeks, Fall 2018

Sketch, Framer, Photoshop, InDesign


project ask

Using a mobile application, how can we solve a problem faced by a local Pittsburgh company?

project overview

For my Interaction Design studio, teams were randomly assigned to a local Pittsburgh company. My team was assigned Construction Junction, which is a large non-profit warehouse supplying surplus construction materials & appliances at reduced prices.

my role

I was a UX Designer along with one of my other teammates and also did a lot of the market research on how we picked our target demographic and how we would market this application.


We presented our work to the Construction Junction management and were able to create some movement into how they partner with the local Pittsburgh community, specifically increasing the number of social events and educational events they hold!


Introducing the Junction Journey.

To address the knowledge gap in the community about Construction Junction's larger mission of promoting conservation and reuse, my team and I came up with Junction Journey: a mobile application geared towards kids that uses gamification and learning science principles to create a fun environment for children to learn about sustainability and conservation.

Feel free to click around on our Framer prototype!