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I'm constantly trying to work on my visual design and fabrication skills. Here are some of the things I've done for fun!

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crafting an afternoon snack

Product Design

Context: Colors Studio

For this project, I designed an afternoon snack, specifically surrounding a fruit or vegetable. We started with exploring packaging design and color palettes (through fingerpainting among other forms) and eventually took the package to conception with a photoshoot of how it would be used in its environment. I owe my growth as a visual designer and my comfort with nitty gritty details in photoshop/illustrator to this class I sat in on- feel free to take a look at what I learned in this course along with some photos of my final product in my Medium article!

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meet me at the barre

Content Creation and Book Design/Binding

Context: Design Thinking

The way I design is heavily influenced by my background as a dancer. This book creates a metaphor between being a dancer and being a dancer - showing what I learned through my years of practice and how I apply it to design thinking! I designed the concept, bound the book, and also created a virtual experience to go along with the book - where I teach people how to do the "empathy dance". More information coming soon!

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2-in-1 laptop meal tray


Context: Solving a Personal Problem!

I often use a laptop desk to study when I want a change of place/don't want to use my study table. However, I am often trying to multitask - eating and finishing homework. I created this desk to be able to accomplish both together, inspired by airplane trays and high-tech laptop desks. I designed and fabricated the entire piece myself.