about me.


My journey as a designer began when I was stuck in a summer sales and trading job. I always thought I was very logic oriented, and thought my dream job would be something in consulting or finance. Cranking out excel files and powerpoints that summer in NYC, made me realize that I was more interested in problems that were client facing, where I really got to understand my user and handcraft something for them. So, during my final year of undergrad I started to seriously consider UX Design and the rest is history!

As a designer, I'm interested in design beyond just screens. I'm constantly pushing myself to try new mediums and think broadly about the definition of design in its influence on the user experience.

Currently, I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon pursuing my Masters in Human Computer Interaction and a research assistant for the Human and Robot Partners lab. This past summer, I interned at NASA AMES as a UX Designer, working on cool features for astronauts and learning about space exploration.

In my free time, you can find me learning new dance styles (check out my team that I started!), enjoying nature, or taking on the latest doodle challenge. Please feel free to reach out to me to collaborate or give any feedback at sjobanpu@cs.cmu.edu!